The Evil Within

The Evil Within XboxOne

The Evil Within Games Torrents does cater somewhat to those who wish to choose the stealth route, although the AI feels unfairly tuned in on you. You can lay traps or distract enemies by throwing bottles and sneak up behind them for a stealth kill, but more often than not they’ll turn around at the last second, or will have already spotted you several seconds ago. Playing stealthily works in fits and starts, but I did not find it the most accessible gameplay style to adopt.

Of course, you’re not completely powerless. One of The Evil Within’s most enjoyable mechanics is its simple upgrade system. ‘Green gel’ is the limited resource that you use to improve your abilities, weapons, stock and crossbow bolts while in safe houses, and it’s dispersed throughout the world like hidden gold, becoming your most sought after resource. While cashing in this gel makes for strong dilemmas of choice – do you upgrade your shotgun damage, or do you want to be able to run for longer? – I liked how it let me shape my own gameplay style and gave me a brief, if generally illusory, sense of control of the situation.